Six pack update. What day are we on?

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I think I have this worked out:) What I’m going to do is try all the logical programs that I’ve learned over the years to identify the one that works best.

The way I see it is that most people have the biggest problem with the addiction to food so this is the one I’ll tackle first.

The first thing I’ve learned about any addiction is that it’s hard to give up. Boy I’m really smart duuuhhh. No but really in order to give something up you have to understand the nature of the habit or addiction you have.

I spent the day studying my cravings and trying to pinpoint exactly what is going on when I have one.

Here it is step by step:
1. I get hungry or do I? I want certain foods. If I was hungry anything would do but I crave certain foods like eggs and bread. My 2 favourite foods. Well I like cake and pastries and stodgy foods really. If you offered me an apple it wouldn’t cut it, so I know it’s not actually hunger.

2. I smooch into the kitchen and open the fridge. Now I don’t really know why I do this as I know what I want so I could just get it without staring aimlessly into the fridge. Maybe I’m hoping something healthy will appeal to me. But no, alas I grab the eggs. Here’s a picture of my favourite food which I had today.

Egg sandwich

I mean it look healthy don’t you think. It’s got ham eggs and rye bread, I mean you got to admit it looks good. Now don’t go rushing off to the kitchen just yet. Remember I’ve had 2 heart attacks so what do I know;)

3. I tell myself “stop” LOL. Well it’s more like; “think about this”. So I do. I think ‘I’ve got 3 years to do this what the heck”. Now what is that, dose everybody think like that or is just me. Looking at most Americans I’m guessing most do think like that.

4. I start to cook my egg sandwich. Interestingly I don’t really give it another thought once I’ve made the decision to have it. Hummmm could be something in that.

5. Then I tuck in and enjoy every last bite. I don’t know if the the texture or the taste or both but I really enjoy my egg sandwiches.

6. I feel remorse. Now I guess this is when most anorexics go to the bathroom and throw up. Guilt is a strange thing. I mean why wouldn’t you stop and think about that before you make it. I’ll look at that later.

7. I tell myself I’ll make up for it later by not having anything else for the rest of the day or work out really hard and that I need the protein so it’s ok. But truth is I’m kidding myself all over again. Hummmm that really dose sum it up really. I’m a PIG!

Ok so now I know what I do, whats to do about it?

My answer is WATER, PROGRAM 1. This will be my first big change and I’ll fill you in on any changes that happens in the category Water program and also explain my theory there.


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