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Well the first week has shown me that this is not going to be easy but I’m not a quitter. I’ve been doing some light exercise to try and get myself into a pattern. I do about 5 sit-ups a day. I know that won’t get me a six pack but it will get me into the habit daily.

I think a lot of people go at it to hard at the beginning and that’s why they stop. So I’m going with my gut so to speak; and starting slow.

Seems to be working as I haven’t beat myself up to much to early.


5 sit ups a day for first 7 days.

10 arm curls a day for first 7 days.

10 bum-bell shoulder presses a day for fist 7 days.

20 bush ups a day from knees. I will do it from toes later:)

That’s it really; don’t want to overdo it;)

I step it up next week to 2 sets of everything.


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