Moment in the mind of a six pack cheater

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“Maybe I’ll get a MacDonalds on the way home I’m starving!”

“Don’t do it you fool you know you want that six pack”.

“But I have 3 years to do this, one cheese burger won’t make much difference”.

“Are you crazy. This is how you got that fat belly in the first place. When are you ever going to learn”.

“OK OK, maybe if I just have a fish filly or a chicken wrap, but I’m sure there really isn’t any difference in fat content”.

“Just drive by you fool and get some fruit or a piece of chicken. What are you doing. Why are you slowing down the guy behind is wondering what your doing”.

“I will make up for this. I won’t have any dinner or snacks for the rest of the day. Or any breakfast”.


“Ahhhuuuummmmm 2 cheese burgers please no ketchup. Oh could you add a medium fries and a DIET coke”.

Dooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I hate this palace!!!! Oh well; may as well enjoy it;)


2 thoughts on “Moment in the mind of a six pack cheater

    Frank Muller said:
    September 12, 2008 at 8:01 am

    Richard has a good point – try using NLP in your strategy. Plenty of good books on amazon about it.


    NLP and getting a six pack

    Richard Hudson said:
    October 26, 2006 at 7:23 pm

    I must admit your attitude leaves a lot to be desired.. i know its easy to be tempted by things like fast food and doing no exercise.. but you seem to be seeing you’re whole goal as ‘i’ve got tomorrow to do it’ but as i’m sure you realise, that’s just not going to cut it come 2010 when you realise the next day will be your birthday and you’ve put weight on instead of getting the six pack you desire.

    I’m only 17 myself.. and most people would agree that it’s hard to get a six pack, and if you really want it.. you’re really going to have to see it as ‘i want it now’ instead of the 3 years you’ve given yourself.. it won’t happen instantly, but you seem to have given yourself three years in order to give yourself another three years when thats up..
    I really want you to succeed so i hope you take what i say on board and begin to realise that you have to be commited 100% to your task from day one, and who knows, you may even accomplish your goal BEFORE you’re 54!!

    Begin as you aim to continue is my advice.. it IS hard.. but like you say.. you need to work at it.. just try to get rid of the ‘i’ve got till tomorrow’ attitude, its really not true.. you have to start NOW.

    Good Luck, i’m sure you will succeed, i just wanted to let you know what i think, despite it seeming like a moan.. sorry, but it should help you i suppose.. i am routing for you!

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