The six pack is comin

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It’s been a while since I posted anything here and yet it still keeps me on track. Fact is it’s my greatest motivator and I recommend that anyone who wants a six pack to create a blog.

My gym stopped just before Christmas as I realised I would be eating more than normal. But I woke up today to a comment from someone who simply said a few words of encouragement and it was like a breath of fresh air and a fire in my gut. It always amazes me how a few words can change a life.

So I’m back with a vengance. I am paying my next 3 months at the gym tomorrow and I have my protien powder at the ready as this is it.

THANKS to my friendly motivators it all helps. And as for the de-motivators YOU’RE SAD! But you can do it too so I’m certain you’re a great person under all that anger 🙂


One thought on “The six pack is comin

    tom said:
    April 22, 2010 at 6:06 pm

    I’m a 59 year old male with two fused lumbar and two fused cervical disc’s, not to mention another bulging cervical disc as well. Since I was 32 years old, I’d been suffering with the almost constant pain and symptoms and thinking that I would never be able to do anything athletic again. Last March, I found myself at 245 lbs. with a 40 inch waste and an even bigger belly. I was depressed and had been putting off what I new would be the hardest journey of my life…trying to lose the seemingly impossible weight I needed to loose to make any difference at all in my appearance or fitness. It seemed like this could be my last chance since you don’t see many fat 60+ year old’s make a come back, do you?. Well, I decided to do something about it and went on the South Beach diet and after losing a quick 12 pounds the first two weeks the losing dragged to only about a pound a week. I knew that if I didn’t find another way to help keep up a more rapid weight loss I would quit, just like I had done several times in the past. So, I joined a local workout facility. At first I could hardly walk on a treadmill for more than fifteen minutes at barely 3 mph. In my youth, I had been an well conditioned athlete and I was embarrassed how poor a shape I was in, not to mention the pain in my back and legs I went through each night after working out. I went religiously every night for the first month and improved to the point or walking one and a half hours at 4+ mph. Although running seemed a long way off, I started slowly and over time managed to push myself farther and faster and increased my speed and endurance to levels I hadn’t experienced in over 30 years. During all this working out and dieting I managed to loose 60 pounds by the seventh month. In all this, my waste had trimmed down to a pleasing 34 inches. It’s here where I noticed something I hadn’t seen since my early twenty’s…abs. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I experimented for the next month with different ab machines and exercises and notice not only was the definition of the six pack becoming more noticeable by the week, but my lower back pain had vanished. I was stoked! I began imagining myself with a 32 inch waist and an impressive set of abs, walking on the beach in the Mayan Riviera. This is when I read, “To have a six pack you need to have a body fat content of only 6 percent.” Hell, I was still 19 percent! I wasn’t going to give up now and decided to attack the fat in my body with intense cardio workouts. I got on an eliptical machine that closely resembled running and pounded out extreme workouts, often lasting over an hour at the highest levels. My wife wouldn’t work out with me. She said “Nobody works out like you. Everyone must think you’re crazy!” I continued to pushed my limits every day for almost three months and although my lung capacity improved tremendously, my waist stayed virtually the same. Trimming the extra fat from my waste had eluded me and I was not happy with the results. My upper body had shed all the weight, not my waist. I felt like a tree with the top trimmed. I realized that if I wanted a “real” six pack, I would need to improve my whole body and in the process, working the several areas around your core to shape and define your abs as I went. I’ve been working about a month now and am beginning to see my body making the repairs to the damage I was doing to it. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t felt this good in a very long time. I actually competed in my first 5k a few weeks ago and performed much better then I expected. Long story short…I’m a work in progress. Maybe in a year I’ll be closer to having the six pack I was looking for. “When” I get there I’ll send you a picture…from the beach. 🙂

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