Day one

Sixpack progress October 2007

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Ok it’s not much of an advance but it’s a start and it’s only Oct 2007. Taking some shape and I am 51 and have had 3 heart attacks (did I mention that ūüôā

 Progress October 2007


NOT a six pack pics BEFORE, like I had to tell you;)

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Now just so you all didn’t think I had the perfect body to start with, here’s before pics:

Not pretty NOW
Now I know you can’t see it yet but I’m going to look good in those shorts;)

Not pretty YET

<I promise I’m not sticking that out.

Think positive here
Really this is more embarrassing for me than it is for you. But whatever it takes right?
Upper body
Not much muscle now but you watch. Remember I’m 50 and a half:)
OK Last one I know you may be eat right now.
Six pack belly before

Six pack day ONE

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I got up at my usual time and went to work with no breakfast. I did give this six pack abs a lot of thought as I drove to work. Oh work! Now I have this really easy job. I work 1 to 2 hours in the morning and 1 to 2 hours in the afternoon teaching English. I don’t even have to know their language as they are learning from a native speaker who should never speak anything but English. Great job really. It wasn’t always that way if you reed my history. After you’ve read it you may wonder how I ever ended up teaching.

Anyway lets try keep these short!

I came back from work and hit the kitchen. My first thought was. “I’m starving and I have 3 years to do this. It’s no big deal if I have a fried egg or 2”. But then I thought. “This is day one John you have to¬†write about this on that blog you created, what would everybody think if you flunked the first day. What example would that be to¬†the children. And think about how good that six packs going to look on that 2010 calender”.

So I decided to have boiled eggs. At first I thought¬†one egg,¬†then I thought I need the protein and went for 2. The toast was the biggest decision. I mean you can’t have one slice of toast with 2 boiled eggs, you’ll run out of toast and eggs don’t taste good without toast. Now in¬†hindsight I could have cut back on the eggs but that never occurred to me as the eggs were already in the pan.

I went for 3 toast as I would usually do with 2 eggs of course. Now this is not technically a failure as I had brown grain toast and that’s good for you.

After this one experience I NEED more motivators and a better plan so I’m going to do 2 things today.

1. Find a tone of pictures of six packs and create a gallery, (you can see¬†them in category “six pack motivator images”). Now you girls make sure you don’t get lost in there;)

2. Take a close look at diet and in particular will power to diet.

I’ll be posting my findings.

I finally plucked up the courage to take some day one pictures as I thought it would let you all see that I’m not working with the perfect canvas here. You can see them in category “Picture progress”. Can you see a six pack in that body? Well I can! And that’s why I’m here.

Got some weights

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Ok I got some new weights to get me started, here they are:


Now I know what you’re thinking; “is that a bar of chocolate in the background”. YES! I figured this isn’t really day one so I started to eat a bar of chocolate that was on my desk and finished the whole bar;)