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Six pack at 54

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I started this blog as a record of how I achieved my six pack abs at the age of 54. I also want to look at why people do what they do and show you some really interesting and yet predictable things about people.

First things first, Have you ever wondered why you don’t have the six pack you have always longed for. Well it’s simple really. You’re not prepared to “do what it takes to have what you want”.

I always say to my kids, (7 kids that is).
“Anything you want in life you can have, But you have to really want it. The proof that you really want it is that your doing something RIGHT NOW to get it”.

Want a six pack? Get down and give me 20 crunches (kind of a sit up) right now! No I mean it right now. Tell you what give me 10.

See there in lye’s the problem. People are all talk. “I want this, I want that”. With no real motivation or plan to get it.

Now you’re probably thinking “well it’s ok for this guy to talk he has a six pack and it’s easy for him to say”. Well here’s the kicker. I don’t have a six pack. Not even close. In fact when I tell people I’m getting a six pack by the time I’m 54 they laugh. Some laugh really loud. But you see I have these kids who love me and believe in me so by 2010 I will have a six pack. I will also turn 54 in 2010.

But there’s more.

2010 dads calender
Yes you heard me! I’m having this calender made for 2010 to celebrate my 54th birthday that I’ll be selling for charity. Now if I don’t look good with a six pack, I’m going to look really bad. How’s that for a motivator.

I’ll share my progress and “how I did it plan”.
(AND I’ll keep my blogs brief! I promise. I’ll let the comments speak)
Over the coming months I’m going to be sharing my struggles with achieving my goal for 2010 and I’m sure a lot of you will help in keeping me motivated to get my six pack. Believe me you won’t want to see the calender of me half naked (or maybe even totally:) if you don’t.

Six pack starting point
Now you probably think I’m some kind of above average guy who won’t find it hard to get a six pack in 3 years but you would be wrong.

I’ve had 2 heart attacks.I put it down to my love of McDonald’s and junk food in general. So I won’t be able to go as hard at it as most of you.

I have a belly. That may be a problem I’ll need a lot of work on. May pick up the courage to post some pictures later. For now just trust me, it’s not pretty.

I’m 200lb.That may be an even harder obstacle to overcome. But remember, “anything you want in life you can have”.

I’m really busy and enjoy my food A LOT. Of all the problems I see this is going to be my biggest struggle. But we will see.

Ok that’s it and here goes!
Now how many times have you said this; “tomorrow is day one and I am so read”. I mean why not today? Ok I’ll do a couple of sit ups tonight and I let you know how it went tomorrow.