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Still hear and pushing 60 so exercise helps I guess

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Can’t believe 7 years have passed since I started this.

YES! I’m still working the abs. Sixpack has been up and mostly down under a layer of fat but in generally I’m fit and well considering I had my first heart attack at 40 and 2 more to boot.

This year 2015 I’m trimming up again and hope to show the sixpack live when I turn 60 in July next year.

So don’t miss the big reveal in July 2016 and my 60th birthday celebration 🙂


Still lookin good at 57

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Hi all! Just wanted to let everyone know I’m still alive and kicking as a few people thought I may have snuffed it LOL.

Been busy with business etc. and not had time to do any updates. I also made a mistake and moved all my images while redoing my website and now I’ve lost my images. I will try and replace them when I get chance.

The sixpack is not quite as good as it was at 54 🙂 but still in great shape as the motivation never leaves you once you start.

I was going to do a ‘BIG MAC SIXPACK’ as I was eating exclusively at McDonalds for about 6 months and wanted to share how healthy I was and felt during this time. But it does depend in the amount you consume and not so much about what you consume.

Anyway may revisit that as I may have to go back to that program when I’m on the road again soon.

Keep up the comments and please don’t spam as I will delete them quick so don’t waste your time.

Sixpacks all round please 😉

Anyone believe this could be my six pack

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Now is there anyone but me who believes I could look look like this at 54.

Well I don’t believe exactly like this but hey everyone can have a dream or how you gonna make a dream come true;)


Watch this space;)