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Sixpack progress October 2007

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Ok it’s not much of an advance but it’s a start and it’s only Oct 2007. Taking some shape and I am 51 and have had 3 heart attacks (did I mention that 🙂

 Progress October 2007


Anyone believe this could be my six pack

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Now is there anyone but me who believes I could look like this at 54. Well I don’t believe exactly like this but hey everyone can have a dream or how you gonna make a dream come true;)


Watch this space;)

NOT a six pack pics BEFORE, like I had to tell you;)

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Now just so you all didn’t think I had the perfect body to start with, here’s before pics:

Not pretty NOW
Now I know you can’t see it yet but I’m going to look good in those shorts;)

Not pretty YET

<I promise I’m not sticking that out.

Think positive here
Really this is more embarrassing for me than it is for you. But whatever it takes right?
Upper body
Not much muscle now but you watch. Remember I’m 50 and a half:)
OK Last one I know you may be eat right now.
Six pack belly before