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Doin great and my six pack is comin

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I’ve been going to the gym every day at 4 am and I’m feeling great. My family think I’ve lost it and to tell you the truth I have. I’ve lost weight 🙂 I am so pumped about getting my six pack that I can’t stop now if I tried to. Amazing that my motivation was a $100 bet with my sister inlaw. It’s cost me more than that for my monthly membership at 24 hour fitness.

I’ll keep you up to date as things develope;)


It’s been 2 years since I said I’d get a six pack

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WOW! It’s been 2 years already since I said I’d get a six pack. Now first off, getting a sixpack is not that easy when you’re 50 to 54. I’m not making excuses and in case you’re wondering the bets still on. I have had a lot of laughter and strange looks when I tell people “IT WILL BE SO”. But I’ve now kicked things into top gear.

I’m going to the gym 4 days a week. What makes that even more impressive is that I’m going at 4:30 am to fit into my wifes afternoon schedule.

I did have that small heart attack set back but nothing serious.

So don’t give up on me yet. The best is yet to come!!

Oh one other thing. I dicovered that I actually need my egg sandwich while I’m training so hard. In fact I can’t actually getr my six pack if I don’t eat 5 times a day. I love that news 🙂

The how to get six pack abs

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I found  a GREAT simple to follow step-by-step training program for getting my six pack abs but it’s not going to be easy. Like I thought it would:)

The thing about life is nothings easy that’s worth while and getting a six pack is like losing weight but with a bit more effort.

One of the big reasons I’m getting this six pack is to show people that success is 10% idea 80% effort 10% content. I also want to demonstrate how you overcome the negative feelings that prevent us all from acheiving everything we want in life.

 Remember: “Anything you want in life you can have; but you have to really want it. The proof that you want it is that you are doing something about getting it”. Even if it’s a six pack at 54 🙂

Six pack update. Yip still here.

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K; had a small set back with yet another heart attack. But nothing that can stop me getting my six pack by the time I’m 54. Well one other set back is that I turned 51 this year but that’s not a worry.

I’ve been doing quite good really considering they wouldn’t let me do sit-ups in my hospital bed 🙂

I have had to reduce the weight but nothing that should stop me making it.

I hope you are all still routing for me as I’ll have to rethink the old program now.

I’ll get some new pictures up soon I promise.

Regards John

Six pack wake-up call!

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I got a post the other day that was really a slap in the face and a wake-up call at the same time.

You are right! and I’m ashamed to say it but it was spot on. Now I figure I have to get the six pack in 6 months and take the other 2 and half years to polish it up.

So I’m back to working it and will keep you posted.

Sometimes we do things for people we don’t even know are counting on us. I won’t let you or me down.


I’m ok

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Well the first week has shown me that this is not going to be easy but I’m not a quitter. I’ve been doing some light exercise to try and get myself into a pattern. I do about 5 sit-ups a day. I know that won’t get me a six pack but it will get me into the habit daily.

I think a lot of people go at it to hard at the beginning and that’s why they stop. So I’m going with my gut so to speak; and starting slow.

Seems to be working as I haven’t beat myself up to much to early.


5 sit ups a day for first 7 days.

10 arm curls a day for first 7 days.

10 bum-bell shoulder presses a day for fist 7 days.

20 bush ups a day from knees. I will do it from toes later:)

That’s it really; don’t want to overdo it;)

I step it up next week to 2 sets of everything.

Six pack judgement day

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Well here I still am on day 2. It’s been hard but somebody has to do it:) Well I haven’t really done anything yet but I’m still excited about judgement day. I’ve not started a diet and the training is none existant. Who dosn’t believe I’ll get a six pack. Not me!

I have a plan. You may have heard this before but I’m bulking up. I know stop laughing but seriously I read that you can’t put on muscle without eating well. So I took the advice and well I’m eating:)

I collected a bunch of pictures of six packs which I will be posting tomorrow as I don’t have time with all the training etc. So ladies be patient.

That’s it for now I promised I would keep it brief as I’m sure you have your own training program to get started on;)