Taking back your mind

You are a free and radical individual who has multiple choices in life that could lead you to fortunes untold. And it’s never too late to start using that freedom.

Your mind has become cluttered and yet still finds time to prioritise that clutter into what it ‘believes’ to be true and reliable. IT MAY NOT BE DOING AS GOOD A JOB AS YOU THINK!

Stop for a moment and think about your last purchase…

Was it your decision or was it to fill a gap in your life?

If you would like a sixpack or a great looking butt it is probably because you want to please others or think it will get you more love or acceptance. Now don’t get all huffy on me 😉 The fact is every decision we make has a reason for making it. That may seem obvious but all I want you to do at the moment is to store that for later.

You are the end product of a series of events that you were either in control of or not in control of. You may be surprised to learn that the end product, you!, is made up mainly of the events you were not in control of.

Now imagine what that end product would look like if you had been in control of 80% of every event or decision made in your life.


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